Saturday, January 3, 2009

An update - FINALLY

I am so sorry to all of you who have been waiting to hear from me. As I mentioned in my first post, I cannot promise to keep up with this but I will try. At least you can get some more info now that I am motivated to write but don't forget to let me know what is going on in YOUR life, I would love to hear about anything you want to share, even if it is sad. Don't be strangers!

My First Week Continued:
My dad and I spent the second day in LA trying to decide whether or not we were going to go to the beach or downtown LA and do all the touristy things. Since I did not know which beach we should go to or the best way to get there, we settled for the touristy stuff. It only takes about 30 minutes to get to downtown LA from my place - with traffic so that's nice. We stood outside Grauman's Chinese Theater - which is really small compared to most pictures and we also went to the Kodak Theater complex which sits right next to Grauman's. The Kodak Theater is actually surrounded by a big outdoor mall so you still have to get tickets to see inside of the actual theater, which we did not do. But you can see the big Hollywood sign from the north end of the complex. My dad and I ate at a California Pizza Kitchen and I am pretty sure I had my second celebrity sighting that day though I couldn't get a good look at her face. But I think I saw Busy Philipps from "Freaks and Geeks", "Dawson's Creek", and "ER". Anyway, after lunch my dad and I walked around downtown a little more then drove into Griffith Park and up to Griffith Observatory. It was such a neat place to go. From the mountain you can see the entire city spread out below and there is a great view of the Hollywood sign not far from the Observatory. That's pretty much it for the rest of the week. My dad and I spent the rest of it shopping and getting things set up in my apartment. (You can view photos on Facebook.)

Oh! But I did get a chance to go to the beach on my first Sunday in LA. My roommate, Rosalie, invited me to go to church with her. We went over to the Kodak Theater complex and had Red Robin, which was an interesting experience since we were mobbed by little girls in their moms because it was opening weekend for High School Musical 3 and Disney's El Capitan theater is across the street. But we finally escaped and ended up at the beach. It was so much fun! We stuck our feet in the water and ended up getting really wet since the tide was coming in. It was a great way to cap off the week of new experiences in a new town.

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